UK stitching buddy, trees with sweaters and wedding sampler??

this month i was finally able to meet my UK stitching buddy Linda, we have exchanged, all kinds of goodies and emails over the years but finally a face to face meeting on Mercer Island,WA.
 i am standing with black on and Linda is standing next to me she runs The Sampler Guild in the UK and she is wonderful. Beth in light blue to my right and then Becky, and Linda's friend Denise and Julie in red. we had a great dinner and lots of laughter. How lucky can one person be to have such good friends who enjoy what you enjoy. Life is good.

we have had a very cool summer here and believe you me i am not complaining when i see what everyone else is putting up with. i love the coolness of the Pacific Northwest thank you very much.
i have been busy gardening and as always i love my garden this time of year. this is an incredible passion flower bud, looks like an insect. it is a beautiful purple flower when it totally blooms.
who doesn't love a tree with a colorful sweater?
while walking with my daughter in Seattle WA, her new hometown and we happened upon these wonderful sweater trees. it made me smile and i was so happy that there are such creative people in the world and that they love to share their creativity.
they also had these interesting white cut outs that looked like some kind of honey comb texture in the trees.
  i have finished the wedding sampler for one of my daughter's friend who is getting married in August.  i went with a very simple design that i made up and i used some beads to give a sparkle. i used Hand Dyed Fibers which i love and some Gloriana, all variegated silk threads.
 now on to the framers sometimes the hardest part for me.
should it be in a round frame, square? dark wood, black, matts or no matts... the questions are endless when it comes to framing and i am lucky i have a great framer who helps me make decisions.

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