homemade two tier sweet stand!

i have been wanting a dessert two tier plate stand for ages but always felt i could make my own and get exactly what i want.
the other day i was shopping with my daughter and her friend and i found this great plate.
my favorite color and the bird and leaves add something extra.
next i found a simple white one tier cake stand. you can see it in the background of second photo.
i had this clear glass candle holder which i glued to the red bird plate. first find the center and mark with a pencil. i used Beacon 527 multi use glue crystal clear put around the rim of candle base.

i added some quilting weights on top to hold tight.

i then glued it to the white single tier cake stand i put a red glass heart in the center of the candle holder, weights again on top. i glued candle holder upside down as you can see. leaves more room for goodies on plate.
ta da it is done i love it and can't wait to use it in my new kitchen!


  1. Ooooh, that's pretty! I love it - you're so clever!


  2. Very clever and a beautiful, unique and personal creation. Am I invited for tea ? Have a good day,

  3. love your upcycling project - good for you!