a new project

it seems awhile ago since i posted. i have had computer troubles no email yet but hopefully by Monday.
i have been busy stitching on Sherri Jones of Patrick's Woods "A Blue Ribbon Sewing Box" her class was fantastic as always.
i have a few things left to stitch and i hope at the Northwest Sampler Guild retreat in June i will get it totally finished. you can see part of the box above by the title of the blog
and below is the needle case almost done.

this is the beautiful homemade sewing box that Sherri had made from an old antique papermache' box she owns. the workmanship is incredible.
this is what it looks like open. the side stitched panels will be on each side with space for trinkets to slide in and the middle will have a place for scissors. plus a small needle pillow will seat on top and all will close up with a magnetic clasps. can't wait to show you the finished piece. be patient.
between moving my daughter from Alaska to Seattle and my son to Seattle and now my father in law who is 98 to a retirement center this has been a crazy few weeks.
the retreat is looking really nice about now.
do post i love to hear what you are creating.
happy spring

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  1. Wow - that's wonderful, Barbara - the box looks so beautiful! I'm glad the class was fun - I was wondering how it went.

    Sorry your computer hasn't been working, but it sounds like you've been so busy you hardly missed it!