Your name was picked??

I am so amazed 166 new people visited my blog the most i have ever had, i am a newbie at this.
plus i also got quite a few new blog followers. Makes me happy to share my craft with all of you. thank you.
i have decided that when i hit "50" bloggers i will send out a goodie bag with a cute acorn in it of course to one of my new blog followers so join in and stay tuned you may be next!
i must admit i wish i could send everyone a little something but i did decide to pick 2 names
 so here goes... hand in the hat the name is...
my hubby picked  ....Michelle L at mlinla.blogspot.com from Southern California will receive all that was pictured.
and i picked ... Janine from Germany at joinjanin.blogspot.com
Janine will receive a little acorn and some extra goodies.

get in touch with me as i will you
thank you all again i had such a great time reading all your comments.
till next blog

just back from SF,California it was beautiful and what made it even better was that i spent it with a great friend.
it was her Birthday surprise from her hubby. how sweet. more later.


  1. Congratulations, Barbara - how great is it that you have so many new people reading your wonderful blog? Well-deserved!

    I hope the trip to SF was fun - and I hope we get to see some pics!


  2. By the way - I love the "new look"!


  3. I am so exited taht I won. Thank you so much. I have send you my adres via email.
    Have a great weekend