is it time to stitch yet?

  i am not suppose to stitch, my wrist is still healing but i must admit i have cheated a little. who can sit for 2 months and not pick up a needle or create something with thread. not me.
 i made 3 bookmarks for my sisters and niece. we are a family of crazy avid readers.
not much hand stitching mostly machine.
the little cat you see i stitched long ago. (just in case my doctor is reading)
i made the Beatle book marker for my sister Bobbie who is 16 months older than me and she loves the Beatles as much as i do.
then my next older sister Terrie received the one with the stitched kitty since she is a total cat lover.
last but never least is Terrie's daughter Jill, i made her a machine stitched piece with her initials. i wanted Jill's to be as free and lively as she is. it also gave me an opportunity to play with some stitches on my Pfaff machine.

it was great fun and i hope to make more for my other 2 sisters.
then i made a "huswife" my first. it is made out of material i had and an old flower stitched napkin. it was a challenge to find fabrics that i already had that looked good together but yet also had a little contrast or interest. i think this must be what quilters go thru on a much grander scale. i have a long way to go before i can pick out fabric for a whole bed quilt much less stitch it.
 i plan on making many more. it may even be the giveaway when i reach 50 bloggers. just think you could win one of my unique huswife and maybe something else. 
when i visit other blogs and see that they have 241 or 887 i am most amazed but i love that i have such a small group of blog friends. i am a beginner and we all have to start somewhere and it was so exciting when  over 6 new followers join just from the "one world one heart "challenge.
each time i got a new follower i would yell to my hubby "ONE MORE, I HAVE ONE MORE FOLLOWER" if someone who didn't know me heard me they would have thought i was forming a cult.
 little did they know it is a stitching crafting cult, well kinda.
so thank you all for signing up and sharing with me, it means allot.
it is always more fun to share than to keep it just for yourself.
i love the little flower that my hubby's great aunt stitched long ago.
each pocket can hold scissors, needles and thread plus anything else you may need.
till next time keep stitching.


  1. I've been blogging for two years now and I am still so amazed that people read my blog, comment, follow--everything. I don't have any local friends that stitch so the welcome I've received from the blogging community has been such a godsend. I'm glad you're enjoying it, too! :) I feel like an old fart saying this, but I just marvel at how much computers have changed my life and keep me in touch with people all over the world.

    I LOVE the bookmarks! What a neat idea. My three kids (young adults) all love to read... I should think about doing something similar.

    Nice needle roll!

    Hope the wrist heals quickly.

  2. Hi Friend,
    Love your little bookmarks & the needle holder..I've never seen one of those, but I can think of all kinds of things to keep inside it!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog, so glad we both can appreciate the life & writings of Vita. She had quite an amazing life & always went where her passions took her for the right or for the wrong.
    Have a beautiful Sunday friend...

  3. I agree with Siobhan. I am also a lone stitcher and it is lovely that I have made so many wonderful friends through blogging.

    Thank you for visiting my blog. It is always lovely to meet new people. I love your huswife. It is really lovely as are your bookmarks. - Sandra.