Animals on Samplers

i spent a few days in Portland Oregon and visited a wonderful woman's house that had many incredible samplers. the stitch group i belong to Northwest Sampler Guilds arranged the fun get together.
i love this little stitched part of a sampler. trees are one of my favorite things but who doesn't love animals.
i decided this time just to take pictures of different motifs. it is so hard when you are standing in a room of fantastic samplers what to photograph or what to make notes on. i have tons of notes and photos of many samplers around the world and it is overload once you get home and try to sort thru them. i have been trying to make it easier on myself and easier to share.

i love these strange big nosed deer on Maria Bullard , her own little touch and it make it whimsical. something i think we sometimes forget when we are creating our own sampler designs.
a jumping bunny with cute little daisies.
of course i have many more to share and will be posting more soon.
enjoy your stitching and i hope life is peaceful and relaxed.
create something unique and whimsical. there are no mistakes when you create.

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  1. Beautiful motifs. Thank you for showing us. Do you remember the name of the first one with the sheep and tree. Really like that one.