A Reason to Celebrate

i can hardly believe i haven't posted for over a month. i think about all of my blogging friends and i just can't seem to get the extra energy it takes to log on and write a few words. some may think that typing in a few words is easy but for me it can take an hour or more depending on what i am feeling. i am slowly coming into my normal energy some days as they say are better than others. i think here in the USA we want gratification instantly and we expect it. so needless to say i have been pushing myself to get to, so called normal. Luckily i have close friends and family who remind me to be patient and let the process of healing happen.
when i signed in today i was pleasantly surprised to see i have "50" followers and i know some of you will laugh at that but for me that is a reason to celebrate. When i started "1thread" i told myself that if i got 50 followers  i would celebrate. Sooo... tada i am going to have a Giveaway . a prize for two of my followers! I will make it simple since that is my new mantra. all you have to do is send a message to my blog with your email and i will draw two names and then the rest is ya know the same.. i will email you get your address and send you a nice surprise. who knows it might be homemade by me or by someone else or a store bought goodies.
i need to celebrate this time and thank you for staying in touch when i have been a bit out of touch.
waiting to hear from you and remember one kind word is all it takes!
Thank You

embroider shoes

who doesn't love scissors and shoes


  1. Hi Barbara,
    I am so happy I found your blog. I live in Washington state too. Bellingham is one of my favorite cities in WA. I love La Conner as well. We used to live in Mount Vernon but then moved to Spokane. I read that you attended Lucy Barker's class and I envy you. I didn't know she was in WA state teaching the Elizabethan stitches. Oh, it is my favorite topic. I love embroidering, needlework, petite point. Now I am busy with CQ, love the idea to stitch on quilt. I would love to participate in your give awya. My e-mail is www.scarletsails@live.com and my blog is www.scarletsailsminiatures.blogspot.com
    Thank you, Natalia, you 51 follower.

  2. I wanted to add also, don't give up, life is beautiful, cheer up! We all have bad days, anyway I want you to be happy!