it is hard to believe fall is here. the air does seem a bit crisp but the sun is out and it has been a bit warmer here. i have been out in the garden pruning back the plants that are slowly turning brown and then all the dead heading. i love it. it makes the yard look so tidy and i am hoping for snow this winter. lots of it!
i am still busy on the lady's chest but have slowed a bit, here are the drawer fronts.

the little handles are so cute.

i have also been working for weeks on a little framed piece with a photo of my mom, aunt and friend when they were young. i love the picture and wanted to add somethings to it so here it is so far. love the lace, the hat pins,the buttons, the words but something seems missing to me. maybe the lace is to much? i will look at it awhile more before i say frame it.

i love working on different projects. to me it is like reading a book i always have to have at least 3 books in the mix or i get bored,restless. when i work on different projects i can put one aside when i get tired or bored  with it i can go on to the next one.
i have these huge snail shells that i want to make into i think pin cushions but i have been looking at them for a few weeks deciding if that is truly what i want from them, any ideas?

the excitement is setting in only a few weeks and off to the east coast! any suggestion on where to eat or what i must see in Washington DC? i am really excited about the time i will spend with my 3 best friends in Hartford, Conn. Samplers, Stitching is on the agenda!  till next time

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