WOW Where did the time go!

Time is not always on our side and it has not been on my side these past months. It has been over 7 months and I never thought I would be away from my blog this long. so sorry
I am still stitching and doing other fun art projects as much as possible.
I am looking forward to Spring.  Family back together and the pleasures that brings.
I made these simple cute little slippers for my daughter's best friend new baby girl. I thought they were tiny till I saw them next to her feet, she has to grow into them, to say the lest.
I have also been working on a little bell pull for a very special 3 year old I know.  Here's the Ram it also has a pirate ship, a dragon driving a truck, and a tiger. it was so much fun thinking about all the things he loves.
this is the unfinished pirate ship
 I hope to at least post once a month, I promise I will do my best.
stay stitching...


challenges,summer and inspiration

the summer has slipped by and i have not posted once, the challenges this summer have been a bit overwhelming at times. 
i have been stitching but not as much as i thought i would. still working on my daughter's wedding sampler her first year just went by. i hope i will have it done by Christmas!
i am off to Salt Lake City, Utah in a week for a 3 day class with Catherine Theron with the Swan Sampler Guild. My first time taking a class with this guild so i will let ya know how it goes. looking forward to some time just stitching.
there are so many things i want to share i have taken a ton of pictures that i want to share and since i have so little of my own work done i hope these pictures give you inspiration.
enjoy the last of summer and be thankful that your family is safe and near.
i love this sampler so much happening and it was impossible to take a full shot of it the glare was just not letting it happen.

here is another view of the same sampler, love the basket.

so many things to look at and to get inspiration from.
i think its time to stitch a sampler with all the things i love on it, a map of my town, my house, my animals and the list goes on.
thanks for stopping by and for not giving up on me!


summer time

summer is here and sometimes fitting in a day of stitching gets harder. gardening takes top priority and then my hands start to look pretty bad and i hate to touch any of my projects.
i have been working pretty steady on my daughters wedding sampler, they just had there one year anniversary and i want it done soon.
it is on silk gauze 45 count and lets just say it is taking some time. i have redesigned it many times but finally i do love how it is turning out. i will post once it is done.
i had a great time at the North West Sampler Guild retreat this month and came away so inspired and amazed at what all of these beautiful woman create. above is just one of many incredible stitched pieces.

 another great piece

This was our amazing breathe taking view that we looked at during every meal.
NSG has the best retreats, this year and next will be held in Gold Bar, WA. come join us next year!
a great place to take walks in the wilderness.


Paper cutting

once again where has the friggin time gone
I did make it to an incredible exhibit at the Nordic Heritage Museum in Seattle,WA. and loved it.
below i will share a few pics with you: enjoy
this was so incredible in person floor to ceiling all hand cut on paper!!!

then just a touch of color..

another incredible one
this exhibit runs till June 16 the woman who made all of these incredible magical pieces is Karen Bit Vejle she is a  Danish Norwegian artist.